Work Science Institute of South Africa

Making science work!

Vision & Mission

The Institute optimises the operational and workplace performance of all South Africans through executing, applying and disseminating information and knowledge to develop Best SA Workplace Practices.

The Institute achieves this vision through direct contact with individual clients and commercial partners who extend the reach of the Institute, and by providing editorial coverage in the media.


The governing principles of the Institute are to:

  • ensure conformity with benchmarked professional and ethical standards;
  • respect the interdependence and scope of activity of all stakeholders;
  • ensure that resources and activities are sustainable and show fiscal responsibility;
  • provide evaluation, learning and resource services of the highest standards;
  • remain at the forefront of workplace development and research;
  • provide related services; and
  • maintain a responsible relationship with clients, commercial partners and donors.


Organisational structures support the sustainability and development of organisations.

This purpose will be achieved by having frameworks of order that allow the available ‘human resources’ [individuals] to perform.   The core framework is the work process decision-system, which dictates the human influence inputs required to achieve the defined operational deliverables.

Individuals are unique, unknown, and unpredictable entities.   They build many informal interactive and decision-systems within organisations.

Effective organisations recognise the need for individuals to exercise their uniqueness – to generate enthusiasm, ideas and initiatives to support survival, profitability and development – within the broad scope of operational requirements.

Effective organisations identify, support, and where possible, regenerate successful performance patterns.

In South African various labour laws were introduced to accelerate workplace development.   After more than 10 years there is still uncertainty regarding the ‘letter’ and ‘spirit’ of these laws.

Sarah Christie, Graham Giles and Daan Groeneveldt have over the past 10 years assisted organisations and individuals in understanding and interpreting these laws.

The Institute was created to provide a forum for sharing experiences with anyone dealing with organisational and operational development.

The purpose of the Institute is to be an ‘anchor’ forum available to all South Africans wishing to contribute as opinion makers or potential users of the available resources.