Risk management policies in need of review (Sanchia Temkin – BD)

“South African companies need to revisit their risk management policies in the wake of the global recession, say corporate governance experts”.

“More focus has also been placed on the role of risk management due to the report of the King Committee on Corporate Governance in SA, in which its chairman, Mervyn King, points out that accountability and transparency (of the board) are paramount”.

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Strikes: Pay differentials – why management should share the blame

Management blame employees for the wave of threatened strikes during the world’s premier sporting event, but they need to be made accountable and share the blame if South Africa is crippled by strike action as early as next week.

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Keep paying above market rate and face mass unemployment

MICHEL PIREU: (pireum@bdfm.co.za) has contributed the following words of wisdom in his StreetDogs column in BusinessDay today, being extracts from Planning for Freedom: Let the Market System Work, A Collection of Essays & Addresses by Ludwig von Mises:

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South African labour market flexibility

In response to Professor Paul Benjamin’s opinion “Bend debate around labour flexibility back to the facts” posted on 29 June 2009 a letter from Penny Abbott appeared in BusinessDay today “Labour fairly flexible” supporting the argument about the lack of validity of many of the often-quoted international surveys, including the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR).

Decent work in South Africa

A letter appeared in BusinessDay by SC Weiss “Temp work is ‘decent’” in response to an opinion expressed by Tony Leon “State religion does not have all the answers to jobs crisis” in BusinessDay on 26 June 2009 and wishing he could live on Planet Leon instead of Planet Mdladlana.

Sustainable South African organisations: need for change

Dr Sutherland, a senior lecturer in Human Resources (HR) at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), has made a valuable and substantial contribution to the need for a change in a BusinessDay article on 24 June 2009 entitled “Human resource management in treacherous times“.

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Saving jobs: rational consideration of alternatives

Representatives of the South African government, business and the trade unions responded to the international economic crisis on 19 February 2009 with a “Framework of Action”.   The framework deals in part with what are called Employment Measures, and uses the word ‘retrenchment’ without fully appreciating its negative connotation.   Although the term appears nowhere in our labour legislation its frequent use, especially by the drafters of the Framework, is unfortunate because the focus ought to be on saving jobs, not regulating their destruction.

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