Keep paying above market rate and face mass unemployment

MICHEL PIREU: ( has contributed the following words of wisdom in his StreetDogs column in BusinessDay today, being extracts from Planning for Freedom: Let the Market System Work, A Collection of Essays & Addresses by Ludwig von Mises:

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Thomas Thomson Paterson (1909 – 1994)

Thanks to an internet search it is now possible to reproduce Erik T Paterson’s obituary of a remarkable man, his father, emeritus professor Thomas Thomson Paterson BSc(Edin), MA, PhD(Cantab), Archaeologist, Palaeontologist, Geologist, Glaciologist, Geographer, Anthropologist, Ethnologist, Sociologist and world authority on Administration, who died on the 9th of April, 1994, in Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, after a ten year battle with cancer of the prostate.More... Continue reading

Hippocratic oath seen in context of obligations of the State

The postings regarding the Health Department strike, offers a well balanced range of perceptions that need further consideration, as they point to fundamental flaws in determining the obligations and accountabilities of the employment relationship.  The basis of this relationship is mutual confidence and trust between employers and employees.

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South African labour market flexibility

In response to Professor Paul Benjamin’s opinion “Bend debate around labour flexibility back to the facts” posted on 29 June 2009 a letter from Penny Abbott appeared in BusinessDay today “Labour fairly flexible” supporting the argument about the lack of validity of many of the often-quoted international surveys, including the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR).

Decent work in South Africa

A letter appeared in BusinessDay by SC Weiss “Temp work is ‘decent’” in response to an opinion expressed by Tony Leon “State religion does not have all the answers to jobs crisis” in BusinessDay on 26 June 2009 and wishing he could live on Planet Leon instead of Planet Mdladlana.

Sustainable South African organisations: need for change

Dr Sutherland, a senior lecturer in Human Resources (HR) at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), has made a valuable and substantial contribution to the need for a change in a BusinessDay article on 24 June 2009 entitled “Human resource management in treacherous times“.

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